Sharing My Bootcamp Training

Bootcamp Training has a Different Focus 

Even more reason to encourage you to look at your options, to create a future income with us, using these ideas for the best online income opportunities. It allows you to work with a different frame of mind – inspired by the chance to be part of community that is working to ensure the Internet – our new path of information and providers – is clear and focused on the markets of our future.

Many years ago I learnt to use an electric typewriter, fax machine and a bulk mailing system that no longer needed individual stamps!

Next was VDU’s (Visual Display Units) and keyboards – on green screens for programs of the AS400…. !  Next was software packages, Microsoft Apps and Emails.  Quickly followed by Apps like PowerPoint for our Conferences, Meetings and Sales Presentations. Somewhere along this line came our mobile phones from large awkward and unreliable, to pocket sized or smaller including keyboards for emails, internet searches, maps, banking, weather, the local temperatures/forecasts for friends around the world as well. Now, calls like FaceTime and Skype meetings and catch-up social calls face to face are standard.

Progress is everyday life for us all now –

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