My Wealthy Affiliate Review is Shared

My personal study on this site started so I understood how to learn about affiliate marketing. My Wealthy Affiliate Review is shared now to explain my focus on creating a passive income by starting an internet business.

Before I shared this information – I wanted to understand all the aspects of my learning process – if the services, support and community equaled the wonderful reviews I had read. I can sincerely prepare this review now – confident that I speak from personal experiences and challenges.

So Does Wealthy Affiliate Training Work?

Their introduction and initial entry into Free Affiliate Training was my wonderful entry point. With no cost I was able to access the initial preparations for my first website with them. (In my career I had created several and as I have moved through this training now, I admit for one in particular, I would never provide the site address to another soul – so very embarrassed now by my lack of knowledge and understanding of processes and links etc). Without exception I can say absolutely say yes – this trainer should be considered the service provider and I am a self-employed agent working to create my future income. I am fortunate to be able to commit to approximately 6 hours per day. At several months of training now I have only just moved to a deeper level called boot-camp where it seems that I am learning the entire process now with a deeper and different focus.

With all the energy and excitement I can share, I am asking you to look over Wealthy Affiliate and their training process.Their approach to assist in developing our secure future is so supportive and because we have created our own focus and interest –  “we own our own outcome” 🙂

Kyle and Carson established this company and developed our training 15 years ago; through their community, they proudly offer us all a path that will lead to a shared wonderful future. Their pricing has remained the same for 15 years – their focus and support team has grown and thats why we are here.

The internet is now the strongest marketing tool available world wide – it is a tool we are trained either directly or directly to understand – its our new library, our new sales magazine – our new reference point.

Learn about Website Development

The free training period is offered and your interest depends on

  • the time you can commit to training
  • finding the related interest of your niche – (a personal commitment to a specific idea)
  • creating a websites that relates directly to your personal interest
  • how to be accurate and directly honest, providing true assessments and information
  • and how you can include affiliate marketing opportunities to create income through shared knowledge
  • how to create a your financial future related to the online incomes
  • Opportunity to create 2 websites, with lessons and support provided free of charge – (to test this provider !)
  • a detailed explanation of difference in costs, services and the future to interested and committed members for Premium Membership.

In my situation and interest in my niche – I was eager to financially join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member. Meaning that I was able to access hundreds of lessons. They were presented in the order of the development of my website in such detail, I had never expected this level of service. In addition to learning the advantages of niche marketing, I was able to ask for help….(when my logical process seemed more than a bit confused….).

(On three occasions I directly contacted the Support team asking questions and I’m now quite embarrassed – but with my limited knowledge did not seem like logical steps). I addition to the actual Support Team who reply within minutes – 24 hours a day, Wealthy Affiliate members are committed and provide an amazing community all over the world.  I find there is always someone, a colleague, somewhere in our world, who has been here longer than me … and always replied and shares ideas and their knowledge.

This is one of the tools that I enjoy the most – the relationships created world wide and the blogs posted within our community that make us all real …..   and focused on supporting each other – sharing ideas – and suggestions that might help!

My Wealthy Affiliate Service Review – ratings based on my experience


  • Training: 95% – 2 of my training videos where based on an older internet service than current day – the community were able to answer my blog question within minutes
  • Support: 100% – I had 3 issues directed to them specifically and were resolved within (my overnight) time limitations
  • Website Builder: 95% – amazing options – 4000+ choices as a Premium member, with step by step processes
  • WordPress Hosting: 95% –  A service available at no charge through Wealthy Affiliate – amazing backroom support
  • Research Tools: 100% Jaaxy – Keywords Search, Affiliate Programs – great options
  • Price:  Starter – Free,     Premium – Monthly – US$49.00  Premiun – Yearly US$359

I can’t fault Wealthy Affiliate and my comparison to prior personal experience is unfair to share because I have become inspired. Meeting compliance and completion of tasks for accreditation in employment circumstances was a whole different experience – now I have a future plan, and I’d like you to join me and our great community,

Google is quite the internet tool and a full understanding of the services provided was one of the internet attributes I took for granted without understanding the actual implication, or the advantages.


Google (92.96%), Bing(2.34%) and Yahoo(1.64%) are the strongest internet search engines, allow you to research the difference in the cost of training support and host sites, I welcome your comparisons – but I assure you, the best of the providers for training, hosting and  support is Wealthy Affiliate. They offer one of the most lucrative “recurring” affiliate programs on the planet and within the first phase of the training you get your business built on a solid foundation.

All long term businesses start with a vision and a brand. Following your initial training as a Premium member – Wealthy Affiliate help you to get this stage of your development in place in the first phase of their Affiliate “Bootcamp” training.
This course is made of 10 lessons and by the time you are finished your Bootcamp course, you are going to have your foundation for a long term and very lucrative business online set out!

Bootcamp Lessons Included

  • Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity
  • How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals
  • How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn $’s
  • Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain

My aim in life now is to create a passive income that makes my future plans of travel a distinct possibility. Please join me – go to Wealthy Affiliate here – use the basic free service to trial your ideas and to see if the idea excites you with possibility !

My intention is to keep this idea of support open and to add my experiences regularly on this blog page. I’d like to be in contact with you too.

Go to Wealthy Affiliate and have a look at what the future may hold for you  – or leave a comment here and I will be back to you – Can I help in anyway ? I’m hoping  you might inspire others too, to join us – its actually fun !!

Sandy 🙂

6 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate Review is Shared”

  1. Thank you so much for this review Sandy. I’ve heard of wealthy affiliate but needed more information. I’m glad I found this and good to hear that they have a good support team. Great job helping others achieve their freedom.

  2. Such a great review Sandy, thanks for providing your honest feedback 🙂

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, having only joined a little over two weeks ago. I am still making my way through the initial training and development of my niche website but I couldn’t agree more with all the positive points you have made throughout this review.

    The community and support is second to none and, the quality of training is far better than I ever expected!

    Your review has me so eager to work harder towards finishing the training and moving onto the Bootcamp asap.

    Thanks Sandy 🙂

    1. Kiara – your comment is gratefully appreciated – so wonderful that you are experiencing the WA training and community – welcome again to our amazing environment – and best wishes – Sandy

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