Sharing My Bootcamp Training

Bootcamp Training has a Different Focus 

Even more reason to encourage you to look at your options, to create a future income with us, using these ideas for the best online income opportunities. It allows you to work with a different frame of mind – inspired by the chance to be part of community that is working to ensure the Internet – our new path of information and providers – is clear and focused on the markets of our future.

Many years ago I learnt to use an electric typewriter, fax machine and a bulk mailing system that no longer needed individual stamps!

Next was VDU’s (Visual Display Units) and keyboards – on green screens for programs of the AS400…. !  Next was software packages, Microsoft Apps and Emails.  Quickly followed by Apps like PowerPoint for our Conferences, Meetings and Sales Presentations. Somewhere along this line came our mobile phones from large awkward and unreliable, to pocket sized or smaller including keyboards for emails, internet searches, maps, banking, weather, the local temperatures/forecasts for friends around the world as well. Now, calls like FaceTime and Skype meetings and catch-up social calls face to face are standard.

Progress is everyday life for us all now –

Probably too late now to open our little gift-shop with local flowers for income or to work to retirement now !!   The chance to use our services to create an online income – to be a website builder for prospective clients is also another path that I learned about yesterday. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free trial to test you interest and creativity through all they offer. I am confident now that the yearly membership has far more value that I had any concept of.

I joined a yearly Premiership quickly because of my personal comparison of costs for Training, Support SEO’s and Ongoing services early this year.  In earnest, I have now created 2 websites – meaning  I have the opportunity to create a further 23 of my own sites within my yearly membership fully hosted and without any further cost. I was so impressed always feeling this to be an opportunity to create my online business . (Aiming to share all I can – while I have attempted to reduce the number of advertisements on my site … I have now earned an unexpected $0.24c US  in the the last 6 weeks – ha ha ha :). I am committed to more like a 3-6 month plan and so I was surprised and equally amused)

Learn to Be a Website Designer (for Clients too)!

Yesterday I learned that I would also have the opportunity to be a Website Builder and Designer for clients – with all the benefits of support and the free hostage of my sites; for any client, who knows of the importance of being part of the obvious Internet Based Future Marketing and Information required in our future!


It is quite reasonable for a client to have a website designed and hosted. This Google search illustrated the possibilities of income are very positive  in US$……..

$50 – $80 per hour. $250 – $500 minimum charge per project.

Logo or branding design will be about $100 – $1500 depending on the extent of the branding design you need.  A modern, professional small business website was typically $3,000-$6,000 US  but could be as much as $20,000 depending on the number of pages on the site and the amount of customization required

So if I listed this possibility at mid or half of these costs suggested….

Labour – min. project charge        $375.00

Logo and branding                             $700.00

Modern business-like website      $4,500    Design calculated as $5,575.00

…… Plus the possible costs yearly hosting, maintenance, additions and update at $’s per hour….

What might you charge someone for your services?

I am excited and encouraged about this community and the possibilities to earn ongoing income by personally supplying services within our membership is amazing and growing as I move through my training.

Seriously, by learning all you can

  • in the training sessions
  • the advertising possibilities,
  • the introductions and client services…..( that I know about so far…)

Its like days when a employer might offer you a new position and explain all the opportunities and pay increases that you will be introduced too. All I can say is, please join me – it is exciting!

Go to the Wealthy Affiliate Free Introduction lessons on site to understand the possibilities.


I’d love your comments below and if you have any questions please leave them in my note section as well……  Always here for you

Sandy 🙂



18 thoughts on “Sharing My Bootcamp Training”

  1. Great post!
    I did not realize that you could be paid so well for designing a website and an online business.
    Using the training available through Wealthy Affiliate as well as continuing to focus on learning new skills will aid you in becoming more of an authority for website designing.
    I will look into the website designing more as I continue to develop my skills and gain more knowledge.
    Thanks for the useful information!

  2. Hi Sandy

    I love your article. It is great to hear that one can be part of a community that works together to make each other successful. It is also nice that Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free trial so that individuals can see what they have to offer before they decided to get involved. You get 25 websites with your annual membership, that’s great, I don’t think you can get that with many other programs.

    Nice to hear that you started earning before you expected. The amount is small, but that is encouraging.
    Hearing that being able to become a Website Designer is another business opportunity that one could pursue. Wow, that is great.

    Thanks for your very informative article Sandy.

  3. Hello Sandra, nice one here. This was the same problem I had coming to work online and with time, I got tired of it because I couldn’t get to figure out a way to try run a cheap website. Not until I found wealthy affiliate though where you are thought how to fish and not given a fish to eat. The training is awesome and one can learn to open their own website and ultimately design it properly as well. It’s been really cool for me. I hope more people will see this post and give it a try.

    1. Thank you Henderson – I hope more people join in and get to understand the depth of this training and support – just as we have too 🙂

  4. Wealthy Affiliate membership and it’s community is game changing for me. I’ve been a member for a week and I’m still blown away by how much value is available here. Im doing step-by-step training guide and asking questions, getting answers sometimes immediately and so much encouragement and support from others in the WA community. I don’t feel like I’m doing it all alone anymore and I can’t stress enough how big that has changed my thoughts and outlook on pursuing my online business. It really is wonderful. 

    1. Thank you – awesome comments to share ! 

      We are very fortunate! Months down the track for me now, I understand so much more and just how our future opportunities have real and positive structure – Good Luck Riverdogg 🙂

  5. Congrats on earning your first 24 cents! Just 76 more cents before you can proudly display your first earned dollar! 

    Being a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate has honestly changed my life. The training I have received there has opened up whole avenues I never knew existed. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me, and for you! Best of luck and success building your online business! 

    1. Shan thank-you !  Its like a a sunrise…. being part of the future our entire world faces is so important 🙂

      You comments and support mean so much to me and all our community – kind regards – Sandy

  6. Thanks for this wonderful information because I have enjoyed reading it, I have also got to know about website building and designing that by doing them you can be paid good money which is a good idea and the amazing part of this article is that wealthy affiliate provides free training which is more interesting thanks for sharing admin

    1. Mugalu – training and understanding the opportunities ahead of us is so important. The support offered from the entire community at WA and continuous training makes our future success so strong ! All the best to you – Sandy

  7. Hi Sandy, and thanks for your great article!

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can certainly vouch for the excellent training they provide. It’s continually updated to reflect the most current strategies and methods to create your online business.

    My best part is the community. It has not only the new members but experienced members who are always willing to help out. And you never have to wait long for a reply.

    The cost of membership is the lowest I’ve ever found online, to include training, tools, hosting and support. To get all this anywhere else online would cost a fortune!

    Thanks for pointing out all the job possibilities with your training. That just upped the value for me, so much more.


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