Compare the Cost of Creating a Website

Today my focus is to compare business ideas and resources. I will compare the cost of creating a website for affiliate marketing and how to create a passive income.

My first idea

This was to provide a direct comparison of the advantages offered by Wealthy Affiliate – comparing the 3 of top creators and hosts across the internet. Using Google as my major resource the following statistic shows they are the most used and reliable bank of internet information worldwide

The cost of hosting a Website through the internet is an unseen but essential part of this plan. Security and the ability to enter your site as an administrator is essential as we update information and details. To rely on the back-page assistance, to be sure no-one else can change or add destructive information or legal issues is also critical.

Comparison of Host Costs taken directly from Google Research

These 3 providers GoDaddy, Spotify and WordPress are classified as world leaders; but there are seriously thousands of sites that provide host facilities.

These statistics are downloaded today in October 2019. Our advantage with Wealthy Affiliate is that WordPress is included in our Premium membership of US$250 pa.

Another inclusion in the actual backroom of our personally created websites, relates to  SEO – “Search Engine Optimization” – very important because this is how we actually get rated and show up on Google, Yahoo or Bing to get traffic and generate interest. This will lead to passive income, (or even income more based on your energy and input.)

With Wealthy Affiliate their training includes the “how to set up this plug-in”, also part of the structure they proudly provide.  This enormous advantage is provided with no charge as part of their annual Premier membership.

Join us in this Supportive Community

To be part of a community where colleagues are available across the internet – around our world – 24 hours a day – who share their knowledge and opinion; and who are just a message away is amazing. To help understand the questions that do arise as we learn the correct way to introduce our niche, and help our related marketing opportunities, is an wonderful attribute of this community.

When physically attending a class seems more like “a time gone by”, our colleagues are here, sharing a wealth of knowledge that ensures we will be successful.

Its not about creating an overnight income

Wealthy Affiliate, step by step, offers training and videos as a progress to working for our futures. I believe that the internet has already exceeded visiting the huge city shopping center, or the trade show of specific products. Within our next 10 years I imagine our  process of purchasing even our groceries (which now is easily ordered for delivery, online) – will become the most normal of daily functions.

Part of the training is understanding the average time-frames and expectations of earning an income based on the results shared over the last 15 years since Kyle and Carson started.

Being part of the Wealthy Affiliates Training program leads us all through this learning process to ensure we are part of the changes we live with now. Be part of this process to create an honest income earned by contributing in the specific markets, that wont rely on retail marketers, in the same way we have for so many years now.

One of the training sessions relating to expected outcomes and results shares a very clear path relating to timing, and the ability to earn top ratings by Google. I had to learn these processes  relating to “keywords” and statements that are triggers to the search engines and our success.

There are so many facets to learn as you progress through the training provided by Kyle and Carson in recorded sessions and presentations along with live online sessions with nominated trainers – at no further costs.

Membership and its Tool box costs less that $1 per day !

Dollars and cents do matter !!

Yearly membership of US$250pa  – ($357 AU for Australians… me ) makes this world, our market, for less than $1.00 per day. We offer a membership period to do a level of training and create 2 website and see if you are honestly excited by the possibilities and support- for Free! 


Income and wages have always been a focus in my working life. Now as I anticipate retirement over the next few years, while I have superannuation plans – my next step, relates to dedicating time now, to  ensure I create a passive income – the income above my required residential income from my superannuation, so that travel at whim becomes my new focus and roundabout plan.

I would really like you to consider all the information that I have and will share, and join us.  If I can help or answer any questions for you – please leave me a note in the comment area below, or come to try us out and I can pick up messages and have chats with you there too.

Sandy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Compare the Cost of Creating a Website”

  1. Great post!
    I like how you talk about how having success with an online business is not going to happen overnight.
    Wealthy Affiliate certainly has the tools and resources for you to succeed as long as you are willing to apply yourself.
    I like how much information is here to help get started in an online business and find the best resources to get started.
    Thanks for all the useful information!

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