Artificial Intelligence – (AI) – Just a part of life ….

Totally unrealistic to think that we have any control over this aspect of modern technology. Artificial Intelligence is part of our work now, we need to understand and include this “tool” in every part of our life – because ignorance is not creative or helpful!

Plan now – Ignorance won’t help to find a fruitful outcome….

Over the last 50+ years in particular, we have all learned of the different paths open to us because of technology. This video – while I always loved it (….  maybe, more like the ‘Grandpa HAL’ now) – in the 1960’s, it was exactly a “Space Oddity”!!  It all seemed so far beyond reality. Well now it actually just life – like it or not….

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Sharing My Bootcamp Training

Bootcamp Training has a Different Focus 

Even more reason to encourage you to look at your options, to create a future income with us, using these ideas for the best online income opportunities. It allows you to work with a different frame of mind – inspired by the chance to be part of community that is working to ensure the Internet – our new path of information and providers – is clear and focused on the markets of our future.

Many years ago I learnt to use an electric typewriter, fax machine and a bulk mailing system that no longer needed individual stamps!

Next was VDU’s (Visual Display Units) and keyboards – on green screens for programs of the AS400…. !  Next was software packages, Microsoft Apps and Emails.  Quickly followed by Apps like PowerPoint for our Conferences, Meetings and Sales Presentations. Somewhere along this line came our mobile phones from large awkward and unreliable, to pocket sized or smaller including keyboards for emails, internet searches, maps, banking, weather, the local temperatures/forecasts for friends around the world as well. Now, calls like FaceTime and Skype meetings and catch-up social calls face to face are standard.

Progress is everyday life for us all now –

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Compare the Cost of Creating a Website

Today my focus is to compare business ideas and resources. I will compare the cost of creating a website for affiliate marketing and how to create a passive income.

My first idea

This was to provide a direct comparison of the advantages offered by Wealthy Affiliate – comparing the 3 of top creators and hosts across the internet. Using Google as my major resource the following statistic shows they are the most used and reliable bank of internet information worldwide

The cost of hosting a Website through the internet is an unseen but essential part of this plan. Security and the ability to enter your site as an administrator is essential as we update information and details. To rely on the back-page assistance, to be sure no-one else can change or add destructive information or legal issues is also critical. Continue reading “Compare the Cost of Creating a Website”

My Wealthy Affiliate Review is Shared

My personal study on this site started so I understood how to learn about affiliate marketing. My Wealthy Affiliate Review is shared now to explain my focus on creating a passive income by starting an internet business.

Before I shared this information – I wanted to understand all the aspects of my learning process – if the services, support and community equaled the wonderful reviews I had read. I can sincerely prepare this review now – confident that I speak from personal experiences and challenges.

So Does Wealthy Affiliate Training Work?

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About Me

Hello and welcome to our pathway; working together to achieve all we deserve in our work and future incomes…..

I have learnt a lot over my career of Sales – Customer Service and Credit Management. The achievements in each of my roles actually became wonderful because of the constructive and motivated teams I worked with. I always preferred to share results with like-minded colleagues… rather than my “staff”. All that I have ever achieved is because of tight teams working to understand our focus, and ensuring we all share the successful results of honest work.

My life before now

I was raised by a very normal family on a country property – attended a small country primary school – (17 students from Kindergarten to Class 6 ! ) and then to a country town, High-scholl of 1,000 students. Always excited by being part of working groups responsible for the school magazines, sports teams, and theatrical groups, musicals etc…. the social aspect of my high school years always my motivation. I was fortunate to have also been able to produce acceptable A grade results – to keep my parents happy, for their commitment to ensure I had all the time needed to “study”.

Because of the families financial situation I was not able to attend universities, where annual fees were required at that time – but as an 18-year old, I was actually excited that I could move to a great city looking for work opportunities. I was so excited to arrange a job interview before I left the family home. I attended this initial interview and was offered this same position – without any expectation I accepted and started work immediately.

After several months I realised that employment can be mundane and began the search for a position that might be challenging. After 4 months in the city I was very grateful to start a new role – where life path of true interests began.

From the initial clerical and administrative role – I became involved in the sales support to a life assurance team of more than100 people and that started the path of the Sales and Customer Service focus I have always been committed too.

I believe if we offered a service – then it should be based on our constructive plans to achieve an expected outcome. (So formal!) Which also means: we should earn an income based on commissions or wages as an acknowledgment for our contributions to overall success.

These are the lessons I’ve carried through my working career and believe that success always means so much more when it is acknowledged as a “teams” result.

During my different employment experiences – I have studied to the Advanced Diploma Level in Management – and learnt many functions that were necessary. After tenure of over 12 years in 2 positions, my last employment situation was different. As I worked to have my team understand the need for a change of attitude and what we could and needed to achieve; we were very proud of the KPI’s as we started to achieve our plans.

The unfortunate side of this meant that the retail sector of a government company was to offered for sale to the open market. Through that process we maintained all our statistics and planned for the redundancy we expected. After this sale was completed – all of my team – (me included after 6 years of employment) were amongst the 1600 staff made redundant.

After some personal travel and the life decisions that are important – I have moved back to the country to assist my elderly family. Unfortunately employment opportunities are very small in this area and I’ve created my leaning curve yet again. While I have joined an employment agency and have been fortunate to have received several long month-by-month placements – I have earnestly committed to learning about Affiliate Marketing and Internet Opportunities. When I started work – seemingly many years ago…. my first employer had electronic typewriters and taped Telex machines – now children have access to simplified computer tools before attending Kindergartens !!

I have done my fair share of research – looking at how to create productive websites, where all the facets of construction and value are offered in lessons, support and audits before publication. (I occasionally go back to a website I created in 2007 as a sales tool for my employer at that time….. and I promise….. I will never share that name now !! 🙂 )

I want to help my new community make a difference

Its so important that we learn the possible and real value of the internet. As future markets and how we approach information, changes so quickly now – I understand the need to keep pace and to be specific about our focus – “our Niche”. Being part of this incredible environment here at Wealthy Affiliate – has given me the confidence to open my page and share with you the awesome environment amongst the strongest affiliate team across the billions of internet users. Hundreds of the WA team are online at anytime to help with your questions. WA has a fully dedicated Support Team, and WA explain the how too, why, what is required to be constructive – honest – correct and protected within this community.

My Goal here…

I believe if you have come this far on the first page of this site, you will understand that my goal is to create a sustainable income though Wealthy Affiliate. I will only achieve this goal by continuing to learn from the amount of shared ideas; by supporting my colleagues that are here also learning and involved – and; by opening Your door – to awareness, creativity and development of your “Niche” ie- your specific idea – that will make part of the internet your special home.

Please join me and us all … at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,